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Women, masters of idealization - You are not who you used to be

by Alessandra,
When we women make movies in our head instead of loving the man next to us.

With eyes closed - faith beyond what you see

by Alessandra,
You have seen beauty. The depth and the truth of those words have struck you and have moved you. You...

Daily prayer

by Francesco,
I listen to my breath while in silence I close my eyes and I start praying. It is 6:30 A.M.,...

Chastity is freedom, not a taboo

by Francesco,
When they told me, right after my conversion, that the Church was against premarital sex I was skeptical. Like many,...

Joy first

by Alessandra,
Today I burst into tears of emotion when, getting out of the classroom IX of the university, I realized that...

Indeed he was right!

by Alessandra,
The seven-year itch: I heard so much about that in the early years of our marriage, when our marriage was...

Aiming for the maximum

by Alessandra,
Is it true that “it’s always better to have one child and to bring him up well, than to have...

Franciscan March 2002

by Francesco,
Today we retrace those days that have been so fundamental to our lives... we write it four-handed to try to...

Franciscan wedding plan, yes we can!

by Alescanca,
How much does a wedding cost?! Is it really necessary in order to be happy? Will a big party ensure...

Is he the one?

by Alescanca,
Where is this great guy you want to find next to you every morning of your life when you wake...
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