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When you want more

When it looks like there is no way out

by Francesco,
I’m always inclined to think in a schematic and rational manner. Once I have defined the starting point, once I’ve...

Ghosts (the legendary ex)

by Francesco,
You are single. You wander around, talking, getting to know people... until you meet a nice person and you think...

Happiness is a choice

by Francesco,
So much trouble looking for it, yet it's never even close. You crave it but you don’t act as if...

My Conversion

by Francesco,
Not everyone grew up a believer. As far as I am concerned, I couldn’t care less...

10 books to grow in love

by Francesco,
Here is a list of books that have been helpful in our spiritual journey. Some of these have been really...

Letter to women waiting for their beloved

by Francesco,
I have always believed that the success of a love story depends on many uncontrollable factors, often decided by chance....

Orderly love

by Francesco,
Love is a topic everyone likes to talk about, everyone in his own way. From the Christian model to the...

Revolution | Science

by Francesco,

Women by vocation, nurses by nature

by Alessandra,
He will change with me! – This is the signature of us Red Cross nurse women, who want to save...

Lord what do you want me to do? – 3 aspects to recognize God’s will

by Francesco,
Warning: this post contains highly subjective material. You can put it into practice at your own risk.
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